Telecommunications Cost Reduction Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Don’t we check our own telephone bills for errors every month?

A. A quick check with both your telecom and your accounts payable staff will confirm the sad truth: they wish they had the time to devote to a thorough check of all the telephone bills received each month, to the best of their ability. Telecom staffers, who may well have the expertise to perform such a check, virtually always have heavy demands placed on their time by the day to day, operational needs of the organization. As for A/P, understandably no such technical expertise is likely to be resident in that department. Whatever the case in your organization, Scott Associates produces substantial savings when clients have elected to use our services simply for the purpose of due diligence, as a prudent double check. Given that the project is either budget neutral or budget positive 100% of the time, there could not be a smarter business decision.

Q. You say your services cost us nothing, but that sounds too good to be true. There are "no free lunches." What’s the catch?

A. There is really no way contractually for our project to cost our clients a penny. Note that our written agreement specifically guarantees this. The worst case is we find that you’re billed 100% correctly, and there’s no way to reduce your telecom expenses. We ‘ll write you a letter stating just that.

Q. How can you afford to spend your efforts analyzing our bills and then charge no fee?

A. Glad you asked that question, because it gets to the bottom line of all competent telecom expense reduction services: major over charges are so common that we know from experience that we’re not taking much of a gamble. It’s a rather chilling business fact but that’s absolutely the case. We know after successfully completing more than 1450 projects that billing errors in an organization like yours are very common, very large, and very difficult for our clients to identify. We‘re fortunate to have under one roof the expertise to deal successfully with both the upper echelons within the vendors and the complexities of the state and federal regulations which control our clients’ reimbursements. And, frankly, without this specialized expertise to identify all the unneeded, unused, inappropriate, redundant, outdated, abandoned, and otherwise wasted telecommunications expenses our clients will go on paying erroneous charges forever into the future. So, our cost reduction project is one of the honest win-win situations you’ll find in the business world today.

Q. But are you familiar with OUR system?

A. Our staff has worked with every major voice/data hardware manufacturer, most of them on an implementation level; every local exchange carrier, plus more than 100 independent local exchange carriers. We have more than 100 years aggregate telephony systems design, management, and consulting experience. In addition, we’re veterans of complex multi-site environments, including:
  • the exacting requirements of health and safety communications functions
  • vital remote security communications
  • healthcare regulatory telecom issues
  • construction code issues
  • broadband networks and convergence directed strategies
  • highly complex organizational structures.


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