Selected References

Public Sector

  • Las Vegas Clark County Library District, NV#
  • Lenoir County School District, NC
  • Jackson County, Georgia
  • Waukegan Library System, IL
  • Grand County, UT
  • Montgomery County, TX
  • Allegeny College System, Cumberland, MD
  • North Chicago Public Library, IL
  • Elizabeth City, NC
  • Kenosha, Library, WI
  • Avery County, NC
  • Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, NV+
  • Broward County Medical Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Community College System of Southern Nevada
  • Cochise College, Four Corners, AZ
# Largest county geographically in the continental U.S.
+ World’s largest convention venue

Private Sector

  • Swift Transportation (Swift Trucking, Inc.) , Phoenix, AZ
  • Morton International/ Rohn Haas, Chicago, IL
  • Montenay Power Company, Miami,, FL
  • Close Air Support, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Northwest Texas Medical Center, Amarillo, TX
  • Yellow Cab, Miami, FL
  • Waste Management International, Oakland, CA
  • Steve Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas, NV
  • Shands Rehabilitation Hospital, Gainesville, FL
  • Shopko Retail Stores, Green Bay, WI**
  • Rockefeller Foundation, New York, NY
  • Citizens Financial Group/ Mellon Banks*, Providence, RI
  • Wynmoor Communities, Pompano Beach, FL
  • Rock Creek Capital, Jacksonville, FL
  • First Marblehead Finance, Marblehead, MA
  • Zirkle & Hoffman Law Offices, Atlanta, GA
**135 retail locations, 12 administrative centers
* 574 retail sites, 54 administrative and operations sites



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